Clean Room
  • 31 Mar 2022
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Clean Room

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Article Summary

Fab Clean SOP Compliance by AI Machine Vision

  • Effectively reduce the amount of dust by 80%
  • Real-time light warning and voice warning
  • Fast setup without drilling

Generally, Fab finds the root caused after producing defective products

High-precision semiconductor and panel factories use air showers to remove surface-deposited particles from personnel prior to them entering a cleanroom, but workers failing to follow proper cleanroom procedures can make product yields inconsistent. Using AI to detect whether an employee's behavior complies with SOP can reduce the amount of dust by 80% and improve production quality.

Deployment of SOP Compliance Monitoring with AI-enabled Smart Cameras

  • Effectively improve development efficiency with the help of EVA IDE
    It is impossible for developers to develop in a clean room environment, so they need to record video first, then go back to write a test program; after the test is correct, write another Production program, and move the logic of the original test program to the Production program, The process is very time consuming.
    However, once the NEON AI smart camera is used, the user only needs to develop a program, and use the function block switch to transfer the image source from the video to the camera. There is no need to develop multiple sets of programs and move algorithm, thus speeding up the development time.

  • Fanless, less wiring, easy setup, easy to break through the restrictions of clean room environment
    An All-in-One device that combines camera and computer, and only needs to configure a network cable and a power cable to operate. NEON supports the VESA standard installation interface, which is not only easy to install, but also users can find different mechanisms from the market to meet their installation needs, so there is no need to drill holes.


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