SOP Compliance
  • 16 May 2022
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SOP Compliance

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Article Summary

AI-enabled Behavior Analysis Ensures Consistent SOP Compliance for Manufacturing

  • Monitoring consistency and continuously optimized assessment
  • 24hr x7 for all steps of every production line
  • Compliance analysis time less than 1 second
    And this will improve production quality and reduced cycle time.
Manual Monitoring by Production ManagerAutomated Monitoring by AI Vision

Limitations of Manual Monitoring by Production Managers

The judgement of manual monitoring varies among different production managers. Being a human, managers may lose focus on monitoring repeated assembly procedures over time.
A production manager can only monitor a few operators at a certain workstation during a limited time period. Incomplete data of the workflow may impair the optimization of production procedures.
Manual monitoring means it takes time to consolidate all the observed data and then conduct analysis. This process will take two working days.

Deployment of SOP Compliance Monitoring with AI-enabled Smart Cameras

The features shown in this demo are

  • Identify key actions
  • Calculate cycle time
  • AI vision can continuously monitor every step of assembly, all the time.

Download and test this senarion on your NEON.




Try your dataset

The sample code is uploaded on git .
You can try to train your AI model and modify your own application.

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