• 30 May 2022
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Why I can not run the .sh when installing the showcase?

After downloading the showcases from github, please run the command to change script mode as below showed in github page:

$ cd EVA_Show-Case
$ find . -type f -iname *.sh -exec chmod +x {} \;

Other detail could refer to Showcases Prepare.

Why I can not find weardetect/geofencefoot/geofencebase after installation in my system?

Make sure run command below before run

$ find . -type f -iname *.sh -exec chmod +x {} \;


Why I can't find weardetect/geofencefoot/geofencebase/h264parse in pygragh?

EVA SDK IDE only supports the specified GStreamer elements and plugins. It needs to expand elements and plugins (C/C++ based) in the whitelist.
After first running EVA SDK IDE, a whitelist will be generated in
Windows : C:\ADLINK\eva\IDE\config\element_list.txt or
Lunux: * /home//adlink/eva/IDE/config/element_list.txt*
The default content of the element_list file is empty. Use the following rules to enable an element or plugin in EVA SDK IDE:
• [Element_name]
• [Plugin_name]
• +[Element_name]
• +[Plugin_name]
Use the following rule to disable an element or plugin in EVA SDK IDE:
• -[Element_name]

For example, add the autovideosink element and disable the rtpdec element:

  1. Open element_list.txt.
  2. Enter the following in element_list.txt.
  1. Restart EVA SDK IDE.

Why I can't execute pygragh sucessfully?

Due to related path designed in sample pygragh. Please make sure execute EVA_IDE on demo folder.

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