• 05 Jul 2022
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Article Summary

AI Machine Vision Solution Efficiently Assists Manufacturers in Monitoring Site Safety

All-in-one AI smart camera compared to Safety Light Curtains and Machine Vision-Based Solutions

  • Easy cabling
  • Low space and bandwidth requirements
  • Flexible and easy to deploy
  • Minimal delays with easy integration
Safety Light CurtainsMachine Vision-Based SolutionsNEON AI smart camera

Limitations of Safety Light Curtains and Machine Vision-Based Solutions

In modern smart factories, people often work in potentially hazardous environments with dangerous mechanical equipment such as robotic arms, punching machines, metal cutting equipment, and automated welding lines. Accidental errors that occur while operating such machines may cause personal injury. To prevent accidents, most factories use safety light curtains; however, safety light curtains occupy lots of floor space, are difficult to deploy, and lack flexibility.
Machine vision-based solutions are typically equipped with IP cameras and computer, have complex cabling and require considerable bandwidth. Additionally, compressed images from cameras are first transmitted over a local network to a computer, which then executes network packet analysis and AI calculations after decompressing the image stream. This process is prone to interruption and delay, and is not suitable for situations that require immediate response.

The NEON AI smart camera saves bandwidth, minimizes delays, and integrates easily

The features shown in this demo are

  • Custom virtual restricted areas
  • Person detection
  • Trigger emergency stop , record abnormal image and log

Download and test this senarion on your NEON.




Try your dataset

The sample code is uploaded on git .
You can try to train your AI model and modify your own application.

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