What is Adlink AI Suite?
  • 09 Jun 2022
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What is Adlink AI Suite?

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Article Summary

       We provide 4 useful AI applications which implemented by EVA SDK. Each user scenario from our customers contain data set, AI model and application logic. User can deploy on the Adlink Edge device such as Neon cameras and further implement the proof of concept quickly.

       Even more, we not only provide the label and training tool which user can train his own AI model with his dataset but also let user to modify the application logic to fit his application. The architecture of Adlink Suite is shown below:

Getting Start Your AI Application with Geo-Fence

  Follow the SOP to update the image with Geo-Fence and experience by Neon-JNX

Supported AI Vision Hardware

AI Smart Camera
    NEON-2000-JNXAI Vision System
   EOS-i6000-P Series

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