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DateNews Content
2022.03.31Welcome to try Adlink AI Auite.
2021.11.22EVA Portal first Version.
2021.09.01EVASDK 3.5.3 Released.
2022.07.14EVASDK 3.8.5 Released.
2023.09EVA SDK 4.0.2 Released.

Release Notes


Support aravis plugin for USB3 and GigE camera in Ubuntu x86_64/aarch64 platform.
Support Euresys gigelink plugin fro GigE camera (Euresys commercial license required)
EVA IDE provide backward, forward and frame-by-frame for debugging a video file.
EVA IDE provides a wizard tool for guiding how to create a pipeline.
EVA IDE supports ROI Viewer and ROI Creator.
EVA IDE support export the pipeline as python code
EVA IDE supports export the pipelin as application package
EVA supports new data sturcture for aceess the inference result
Support to filter out and save low confidence frames into folder.
Support Euresys trained model to inference in x86 and ubuntu18.04 NX. (Euresys commercial license required)
4.0.2Upgrade the OS and vendor inference SDK
3.8.5Windows gstreamer upgrade to 1.20.1
3.8.3Enhance IDE feature
3.8.1Support Nvidia TAO Posenet for TensorRT,OpenVINO,ONNX Runtime
Support OpenPose metadata reviewer in EVA IDE
Support the EVA SDK docker image in Linux x86 and ARM
Support Yolo Tiny V3 and V4

EVA IDE add following feature

  • Add new file menu Add pipeline graphviz tool to visualize gstreamer pipeline
  •   Support ONNXruntime inference engine with ONNX format Support AI inference with models export from Microsoft CustomVision
Support ONNXruntime inference engine with ONNX format
Support AI inference with models export from Microsoft CustomVision
3.1.1EVA IDE support capsfilter element for support caps features. such as video/x-raw(memory:NVMM)
Support the ADLINK HW identification in hikplugin and flirplugings
3.1.0Support EVA IDE for Linux x86 & arm64
3.0.4Integrate windows EVA management library
3.0.3Integrate the manageability library and driver installation
Installation and EVA IDE icon update
Remove the adedge plugin and sample code
Add the custom installation for adrt and advino plugin
Create the new sample code under
  • Sample Program: C:\ADLINK\eva\samples\ex_application.c
  • Runtime: C:\ADLINK\eva\bin\ex_app.exe
Add the EVA theme when processing the installer

Add ability to support RGB trained model for TensorRT and OpenVINO inference plugin
EVA IDE support generate gst-launch command.
EVA will identify ADLINK hardware to execute only ADLINK EVA certified platform.
EVA IDE upgraded with new icons.

3.0.1Support EVA IDE for Windows

Upgradte OpenVINO to 2021.1.110
Upgradet TensorRT to
Separate original adtranslator into multiple adtrans elements
Five image processing elements are validated: gamma, videobalance, videoflip, videomedian, rotate
3rd party server for RTSP included
Add additional one C++ sample code and four python sample codes
Preliminary release have been made for the third-party camera's plugin

2.3Upgrade to TensorRT 7 for Neon JT2
2.0Support ARM version (Nvidia JT2)
Add new network support
Classification network ( MobilenetV2 )
Detection network (Yolo-v3, MobilenetV2-SSD)
Segmentation network(FCN-AlexNet)
AI result translator sample code ( Detection network with Yolov3 topology )
EdgeSDK elements support tag group segmentation result.
Upgrade Pylonsrc source code are described as following
Pylonsrc element support setting max transfer size to reduce the frame loss and cpu utilization.
Add Manageability library integration to check asset on adrt,advino,adedgesr,adedgesink
1.0First release

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